Case #3

This wiki is the being used as a housing location for these case scenarios. Each student is to answer each of the case scenarios and turn in for grading as per the course syllabus.

Sam Smith is a 25 year old who is new to your practice. He presents with a vague
complaint of pain that he associates with a cleaning he had last week at another dental
office. You attempt to complete a medical history review and learn that he has had
problems with chronic pain since a work related injury about three years ago. He takes
no medications and states that NSAIDs do not “touch the pain” he is experiencing. He
also tells you that acetaminophen and codeine is not very effective. He would like you to
review what was done to him at the other dental office and hopefully the dentist can
prescribe Vicodin for the pain.

1. What are some of the red flags associated with this individual?
2. What is hydrocodone and how effective is it in treating or managing dental pain?
3. What should be recommended to this patient?

4. What are the pharacologic effects of opioid analgesics?